Chemical Spills, Mining Disaters, and Mushroom Clouds

by jeffersondaniel99

Many of you that come to this blog do not know me.  I went to school at West VirginiaUniversity in Morgantown for four years.  I am dating a girl is originally from West Virginia.  Because of this I have been paying attention to the chemical spill in WV. 

The scope of what happened and the reasons behind it are obscene.  However, in some ways it is not really a new story.  I live in Texas and often drive past West on the way to Dallas gigs.  Remember when the fertilizer plant in that town turned into a small mushroom cloud?  These stories are what happens when there is no competent regulation.  In West Virginia there had been no inspection since 1991.  In West there hadn’t been an inspection since 1985. 

Between 1905 and 1920 there were around 2,000 fatal accidents in the coal mining industry every year.  There are reasons that there were environmental and safety standards put into place during the 20th century.  These tragedies are straight out of the past. 

Hopefully sooner or later people will understand that although the government should be carefully watched, it and its regulations are there for a reason.  We need it to keep in check the bloodier and more destructive elements of capitalism.  These are the kind of problems that the free market does not fix.  We need markets to create growth, but we need a strong regulatory presence to keep the excesses of that market in check.  It’s a balancing act, but one that is very important.  Ever since the Reagan administration these protections have been under strong attack.  I hope we can learn from these events and once again relegate such obscene tragedies to the past, this time forever.  

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