Balls Bigger Than King Kong

Anyone that booed Sinead O’Connor after she ripped up the picture of the Pope on Saturday Night Live owes her an apology.  She was right, dead right.  She was not protesting the Roman Catholic religion, but the sexual abuse that was widespread in the church at the time.  People didn’t want to hear the truth, which is typical.  Oscar Wilde once said, “If you want to tell people the truth make them laugh or otherwise they’ll kill you.”  She spoke the truth before people were ready to hear it and she was punished for it.  And she didn’t make them laugh.

I love Sinead O’Connor’s music.  I especially love her album How About I Be Me, and You Be You?  It’s easily one of my favorite releases of the last few years.   She has so many songs that are brave and true and full of passion, on this album and on others.  Black Boys on Mopeds, V.I.P., The Wolf is Getting Married, and This is a Rebel Song are just a few of the many.  This is a Rebel Song is one of the best political songs ever.  It’s a song about the troubles in Ireland and an anti-war song in the guise of a love song.

I wish more songwriters were as fearless as she is.  A few of her albums suffer from overproduction, but she is a tremendous artist.  If you care about music, and especially if you care about music that is searching for a deeper meaning, she is worth rediscovering.  She can sing like a lark.  And she has balls bigger than King Kong.


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