Jesus Christ: Lust for Glory

I apologize about being off the grid yesterday.  When you do this thing yourself you are going to miss days, even if you dread it.  Yesterday passed like one of those time lapse shots before I realized I hadn’t gotten any posts up. 

Anyway, I am back to reading Monty Python Speaks after finishing Morrissey’s Autobiography.  For those of you that might be interested in Autobiography, I will have further comments on it, but I need a few days to think about it.  Anyway, I was reading section of the Python book that dealt with Life of Brian this morning.  Apparently the title that they originally came up with was Jesus Christ: Lust for Glory!  I about spit out my coffee.  I have watched Brian several times and all the special features that come with the DVD, so I had probably heard this fact before, but I didn’t remember it upon reading it today. 

Eric Idle came up with the title while drinking.  He and Terry Gilliam, while continuing to drink heavily, started to think of ways you could make the story of Christ funny.  What if the maker of Christ’s cross was a carpenter of poor craftsmanship?  Once bringing the story to all of the Pythons they all reread the Bible.  They decided what Christ actually said was good, so they didn’t want to belittle him.  However, they felt that there was tons of room to make fun of the people around him. 

They spoke of how anyone that would interpret Christ’s words and tell you how to believe it was performing a political act.  Interpretation is a political act.  They thought the people that did such a thing were worthy of making fun of.  Fair targets.  So anytime someone gets in a furor over something they say is blasphemous, ask yourself what it is degrading.  Does it lessen the meaning of something, or does it lessen the power of someone who wants to control the way others see the world?

Anyway I love the Pythons and thought Jesus Christ: Lust for Glory was a great title.  A good laugh to start Friday morning, at least I hope so.  

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