Scaring a President and Making Children Happy

I never saw so many business suits
Never knew a dollar sign could look so cute
Never knew a junkie with a money jones
Who’s buying Park Place? Who’s buying Boardwalk?

These old men they make their dirty deals
Go in the back room and see what they can steal
Talk about your beautiful for spacious skies
It’s about uranium. It’s about the water rights

Got Mother Nature on a luncheon plate
They carve her up and call it real estate
Want all the resources and all of the land
They make a war over it; they blow things up for it

The reservation out at Poverty Row
The cookin’s cookin and the lights are low
Somebody tryin to save our Mother Earth I’m gonna
Help em to Save it and Sing it and Pray it singin

No No Keshagesh you can’t do that no more.

Ol Columbus he was lookin good
When he got lost in our neighborhood
Garden of Eden right before his eyes
Now it’s all spyware Now it’s all income tax

Ol Brother Midas lookin hungry today
What he can’t buy he’ll get some other way
Send in the troopers if the Natives resist
Same old story, boys; that’s how ya do it , boys

Look at these people Lord they’re on a roll
Got to have it all; gotta have complete control
Want all the resources and all of the land
They break the law over it; blow things up for it

While all our champions are off in the war
Their final rippoff here at home is on
Mister Greed I think your time has come I’m gonna
Sing it and Say it and Live it and Pray it singin

No No Keshagesh you can’t do that no more.

No No Keshagesh by Buffy Sainte-Marie.  I’ve been spending a lot of time with her music lately.  I posted Universal Soldier from her first record a couple days ago.  This is from her last album, the 2009 release Running for the Drum.  Still fearless after all these years.

Keshagesh as defined by Sainte-Marie herself:  Keshagesh means Greedy Guts. It’s what you call a little puppy who eats his own and then wants everybody else’s.

For those of you that think music has no real political power, LBJ himself said that her music, “deserves to be suppressed.”  In fact there was stationary with his name on it that ordered radio stations to ban her music.  She was blacklisted during the Vietnam War.  Although this might have crushed lesser souls, she kept singing and performing where she could.  However, this definitely crippled her ability to cross over to a mainstream audience in the US, although her songs were hits for other artists.

I remember when John Lennon’s Imagine was temporarily put on ice by Clear Channel after 911, along with many other songs.  It wasn’t an outright ban, but the corporate giant did ask its stations not to play it.

I find it interesting that in a country that talks so much of freedom, that we often are so quick to crush independent thought.  And why is it that the peacemakers and the dreamers are always so often the first to be marginalized?

Buffy Sainte-Marie is a peace activist and a dreamer.  Funny enough, given her provocative political stances, she was also on Sesame between 1976 and 1981.  Anyone that could scare a president and make children happy is all right in my book.

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