The Hot Air Balloon of Reading

Sometimes I view reading like going up in a hot air baloon.  It allows you to see farther than you did before you read something.  You also get a more complete picture of what is going on.  However, sometimes that same change in view allows you to miss what is right beneath you.  I have read a good deal, more than many, less than some, but I don’t feel that it makes me superior in anyway.  It is just a different set of knowledge and tools than some other people have.  I envy someone that can, let’s say, change the breaks on a car or start a fire in the woods with no modern tools.  The two kinds of knowledge are not necessarily exclusive.  However, we need and should value people with different skill sets.  Other than people who purposely spread ignorance, refuse to learn anything, or use what they have learned only for their own enrichment, we all need each other in this world. 


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