The End of the Bucket List

I hate the term “bucket list”.  I wish people would stop using it.  First of all it is a euphemism.   It would be more honest if people called it “shit I want to do before I am dead.”  Second of all there is something about it that just seems to me like a white middle to upper class entitlement thing.  There are a lot of people in third world countries that probably just want to live somewhere other than a shanty town or in a country that is not at war before they are dead.  Plus it is a term I never heard widely used before that shitty movie.  What is stranger is I don’t know anyone that saw the movie The Bucket List.  It is just one of those terms that came out of nowhere that so many people use without anyone thinking about it. 

I have been lucky in my life that I have gotten to do a lot of things that other people will never get the chance to.  It is nothing but pure dumb luck.  There are also things, like seeing the Ramones in concert, that I never will be able to.  I am sure there will be other things in life that I get to do that will make me feel lucky to be alive to experience them.  I am also sure that fate and death, either mine or others, will prevent me from doing things that I would like to.  Life doesn’t obey the little lists that we make out. I want to be open to take unexpected chances when they come.  I will also plan things and try like hell to make them happen.  But if they don’t,  well, life’s like that isn’t it?


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