Buffy Sainte Marie’s No No Keshagesh Video

Buffy Sainte Marie – No No Keshagesh: http://youtu.be/XKmAb1gNN74

I just saw one of my heroes, Buffy Sainte-Marie,  a the Winnipeg Folk Festival.  She was laying it down and looking incredible at the age of 73.  This is a song from her last album, Running for the Drum.  It is an environmental political anthem.  Keshagesh means “greedy guts”.  It is a Native American word that originally was used to talk about pups that took more than their share of the food.  I believe I posted the lyrics once, but not the actual video.  If I did, so be it.  A few pints in Winnepeg and a show by Buffy Sainte-Marie is a great day anyway you cut it. 


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