Junkie Brings Down Terroists

A fun and forgotten chapter in American history:

In 1976 a terrorist organization, that had its roots in Puerto Rico, was brought down by a heroin addict.  The FBI got a lucky break when the junkie broke into an apartment in the Westown section of Chicago looking for something to steal.  What he stumbled upon was the first working bomb factory ever on United States soil by a terrorist organization.   The junkie was  later caught trying to sell a cache of dynamite on the street.  The Chicago Police arrested him and the FBI investigated the apartment.  The FBI was able to seize what was at the apartment and gain important information on the terrorist organization.  None of this would have happened without the self serving powers of the street junkie.   See, drugs do have their benefits! 

This story is one I read in Tim Weiner ‘ s Enemies: A History of the FBI


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