Death in Capitalism

Has anyone noticed how quick iTunes is to capitalize on the death of a musician?  I swear to god, superstar or not, someone dies and the next thing you know their music is moved to the front page and we are told to pay tribute to it.  We’re paying tribute to it, iTunes is capitalizing off of it.  I finally got a new computer and I have been getting my iTunes set back up, and it happened to be open when I turned my computer on today.  Sure enough Tommy Ramone’s picture was plastered along with a link to all of the Ramones music.  I guess this is a fitting response to death in a capitalist society. You truly mattered if big business can make money off of your untimely demise.  I loved the Ramones.  They are how I learned to play guitar and bass, and how I learned to write my first songs.  Anyone want to buy a couple CD’s of theirs in honor of Tommy?  


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