Remember Where the Exit Is

When I was up at the Winnipeg folk festival I was talking to a keyboardist that used to be on a major label in the 90’s.  He told me it was pretty soul crushing dealing with the business people that ran the label.  He was convinced most of them didn’t even like music.  I asked him how he handled it and he told me he smoked a lot of weed and disconnected from reality.  While I was scrolling through the internet tonight I came across this article from

It is about the making of the new Lana Del Rey album and the hoops that had to be jumped through to get it made.  

I found these two paragraphs particularly enlightening (Dan Auerbach is the producer of the new record):

“There was a lot of bullshit I’m not used to,” Auerbach tells senior writer Brian Hiatt. “The label says, ‘We’re not going to give you the budget to extend this session unless we hear something.’ And we send them the rough mix and they fucking hate it and they hate the way it’s mixed. And it’s like, ‘Thanks, asshole.’… I think Lana put her foot down. Maybe it’s normal for her, but it’s not normal for me.  Really rubbed me the wrong way.  I got really defensive because I thought it was bullshit.

“The story I got told,” he continues, “is that they played it for her label person and they said, “We’re not putting out this record that you and Dan made unless you meet with the Adele producer. And she said, ‘Fine, whatever.’ And she was late to the meeting, so while they were waiting, the label guy played what we recorded for the Adele producer and he said, ‘This is amazing, I wouldn’t do anything to change this.’ And here’s the kicker: Then all of a sudden, the label guy said, ‘Well, yeah, I think it’s great, too.'”

It seems like it is out of Spinal Tap.  I’ve seen people in the music business talking to someone, and then as soon as someone with a higher status come along, they immediately move along mid-sentence, as if the previous person didn’t even exist.  Another kind of person you encounter a lot is the kind of person that never stops talking business and name dropping.  Always bring headphones and remember where the exit is.  These are crucial steps to achieving sanity in many walks of life.  



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