F@$% Fairness

How come rich Republicans are all about people pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps unless it is their own kids?  I was thinking more about the estate or “death” tax today after watching the John Oliver piece that I posted earlier.  If they think that people should be largely responsible for their own lot in life wouldn’t it make sense that their kids should start out at ground zero as well to see what they are made out of?

They seem to think that it is ok for a poor person to succeed or fail based on their work ethic, but that their kids should be able to start out on third base.  That is an inconsistency in reasoning.  If we are going to talk about fairness then we should say that everyone starts out with nothing and has to work their way up, or everyone should start out with something.  The whole pull yourself up by the bootstraps only seems logical to me if it is consistent across the board, and even then personally, I find it extremely absurd, because people are born under different circumstances regardless.

It would seem much better to me that everybody start out with a little something to give them the best chance of having a life worth living.  By a little something I just mean a roof over their head, food, and a good education.  See conservatives will twist and turn talking about how unfair wealth redistribution is, but isn’t it unfair that some kid starts with nothing while another one starts with everything?

Lets use sporting analogy.  The way conservatives would have it some kids would start on third base  while some would start out batting at home plate with a broken bat.  All we liberals really want is that the kids who aren’t on third base at least be given a t-ball tee so that they have a good chance of getting on base.  If the rich kid has to start on second bases a result, then so be it, they still have a much better chance of scoring than most.

But the thing is, rich Republicans don’t want to even out the odds even a little bit.  They want the game stacked in their favor as much as possible, indefinitely, with a blind ref.  When they tell a poor person to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, while their trust fund kid goes to an ivy league school as a legacy, they are basically saying, “fuck fairness.”


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