The Immorality of Our Israeli Position


The above article is about the suffering going on in Gaza, about Israel’s morally bankrupt policy there, and about how AiPAC has used its influence in America to paralyze us and prevent us from doing anything.  We give Israel $3 Billion dollars in direct foreign aid every year and another $12-17 billion in indirect aid.  If you remember I also posted a link to a blog sometime back, from Andrew Sullivan, which talked about how 23 Palestinians die for every one Israeli.  There is outrageous injustice going on in that part of the world and we are helping to fund it.


One thought on “The Immorality of Our Israeli Position

  1. I completely agree with your claim about the injustice of the Israeli position. Of course there are factions among the Muslim countries that engage in horrendous and unjustifiable violence but the Israeli unwillingness to stop the settlements, allow the return of some Palestinians, improve unspeakable conditions in the Gaza strip constitutes behavior that the United States has failed to stand up to for political reason, not moral ones

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