Tour Poetry Day 1: Packing

Not ready
35 years old
Awake at dawn
Tired as I would be at 16 years old
If I had partied all night till this very hour
Grumpy as an 85 year old man
With one foot in the grave
Grasping for the imaginary dagger
In Macbeth, Act 2, Scene 1
And wishing it was real
When the Chinese invented gun powder
Did they know
That in the year 2014
A white man
In a country that didn’t exist then
Would regret he hadn’t gone to Walmart
To buy some
Cheap and easy
Like it was just another item
In a store that also sells
Children’s toys
So that he didn’t have to pack?
Nah, they couldn’t have seen that one coming
What a country!
Off to see the Wizard

Austin 7/30/14

I am heading out to El Paso for the first of the Shinyribs tour dates today.  As I said before I am going to try and write at least one of these every day of the tour.

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