Tour Poetry Day 9: Struggle to Survive

Days come and go
Without much occasion or meaning
You were there and now you are here
Often we remember great feats
Or great depravity
But the everyday struggle to survive
Fades away into the ether
If you are half intelligent
And have some awareness of what is going on
Around you
To just to walk out the door in this world
You either have to be tough or crazy
So my hat is off to you
If you can manage
Such a small yet incredible task
With any degree of dignity and kindness
Although if you have surrendered your intellect
To magical thinking
I’m deducting points

Paonia, Colorado 8/8/14



One thought on “Tour Poetry Day 9: Struggle to Survive

  1. I think if you keep your eyes open you will see random acts of kindness from some people very frequently. After coming back from Japan where everyone was extraordinarily polite, I began to notice well meaning politeness by many, but of course not all, here. Having travelled pretty extensively around the world, I have concluded that most people are not to be feared, they will treat you with respect if they feel they are being treated respectfully, Of course, you also see thuggish, brutish, self-centered behavior, but the beauty of kindness is also there for those who look for the possibility.

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