Trouble In Mind

This is one of my favorite songs of all time.  Much like the movie from which it came, of which Trouble In Mind is also the title, it creates its own world.  Alan Rudolph’s movie is a masterpiece of modern noir.  I can get lost in this song forever and it is one of the few songs that I can put on repeat for several plays every time I hear it.  I know that this is an old standard, and that there are purists who will probably like other versions, one that don’t feature synthesizers and reverb drenched trumpet, but this is the one for me.  It’s a sad song, but one in which the very acceptance of that sadness seems to take on some kind of healing quality.  Like all the best art it makes you feel more than one emotion at the same time, and this version is highly emotional.  Marianne Faithfull sings it as if she was born to, and we are all better off for its existence.  


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