That’s How People Grow Up

Last night I played a really great festival in Oklahoma.  The people were great and the festival was well run.  Yesterday I posted a poem that was poking some fun at Oklahoma.  There is almost nothing more rewarding than being pleasantly surprised by people. 

I think it is truly important in life to admit when we are wrong.  It does not diminish us to do this.  We, as human beings, can’t possibly know everything.  We are bound to make mistakes.  Suffering and mistakes are how we become better people.  As Morrissey croons, “That’s how people grow up.” 

In America we tend to view those who evolve as the flip flopper.  But it is only the prideful and the ignorant who never change their opinion.  Often the biggest mistakes, like invading a country that we have no business being in, are the ones that we as a people have the hardest time admitting to. 

But remember it is noble, good, and intelligent to say, “I don’t know that”, or, “I was wrong.”

All we can hope to do is to make the best judgments that we can based on the information we have at the time.  Until you are dead, you can always start over.  Each day begins anew. 

I was driving in my car
I crashed and broke my spine
Yes there are things worse in life
Than never being someone’s sweety
That’s how people grow up

– Morrissey


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