God and Sports

Laid up sick in a hotel room on the road, waiting for my ride to the gig.  I’ve finally got the cold that everyone else has had, no reason I should be excluded.  I was taking vitamins in hopes of fending it off till I got off the road, but alas, it didn’t quite work out that way.  While laid up, I enjoyed watching TCU beat OU.  My good friend Keith went to TCU and I’m sure not going to root for OU, so I got onboard.

While watching the post-game one of the TCU players thanked God for the win, while standing in a throng of fans that had stormed the field.  I had this weird experience, that partially happened because I was spaced out on cold medicine.  I felt like i was watching it out of time.  Like this could have been a player thanking Zeus in ancient Greece.  Have we really not progressed since then?

I would hope if there is a God that he is not taking sides in a sporting event, especially when there are wars going on and the economy sucks and the Koch brothers are buying our government.  I guess if there was a God, He would have infinite time.  Still, it’s just ridiculous.

I’m an agnostic.  I don’t pretend to have the answers to the mystery of the universe.  However, when people thank God for trivial things like the outcome of a commercialized sporting event, it just seems like it makes a clown out of Him.

I enjoy sporting events like today, and I’m glad that they take place.  They can serve an altruistic purpose of providing people with enjoyment and distraction from the daily grind.  But God isn’t out there calling the plays, favoring one team’s fans over the other, not now, not ever.  And if for some reason I am wrong, then He is a strange fellow indeed.


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