Hopped Up About Ebola

This whole ebola thing in the media is a joke.  Basically it is just going to lead to some crackers being more afraid of foreigners than they already are.  There are two chances of dying from ebola: slim and none. 

Even if it did become widespread,  what are you gonna do about it?  It isn’t like you can beat it out of your house with a baseball bat.  The average person just has to count on the system working as usual.  You and me aren’t going to prevent the spread of ebola my friend. 

Unless there is some way to do good for the countries that are suffering from it, like a fundraising drive, the knowledge the media is giving us is wasted space on our intellectual hardrives.  It is muddying the water and preventing from focusing on more important and immediate problems. 

I once read that the more decisions you have to make, the slower your decision making abilities are down the line.  So next time something comes on TV about ebola, unless it is raising money to help countries that don’t have the proper health systems in place, turn the channel.  I don’t care if you turn it to 90210 reruns and turn your mind off for an hour.  It is better than getting hopped up about ebola. 


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