Abbott and Cruz Vow to Block Same-Sex Marriage

“Is there an asshole convention in town?” – Richard Pryor in Moving

“I could sense the hate from the Lone Star state.” – Morrissey

Cruz and Abbott Vow to Block Same Sex Marriage

Morrissey wasn’t singing about same-sex marriage and Richard Pryor wasn’t talking about Texas, but they might as well have been.  Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott, our senator and one of our candidates for governor, are trying to prevent same-sex marriage from spreading.  There are two paths up ahead.  There is one that is a long, slow, hard, climb to a world where everyone is treated equally and just under the law, where kindness and decency are the norm.  There is another that is a slow decline backwards into a world of ignorance and destruction.

You see same-sex marriage isn’t just about the right of gay couples to get married and live in happiness like the rest of us have the right to.  It’s about treating our fellow human beings as people worthy of respect.  They are people with hopes and dreams just like everyone else.  Protecting your tribe leads to destruction.  Realizing that human kind all has common shared interests is the only chance we have of making this thing called civilization work in the long run.  Realizing that your gay neighbor down the street or a farmer in Africa  are worthy of living a life of dignity is a step to making a world, that will reach a population of around 9.6 billion people with dwindling resources by 2050, worth living in.  We can either come together or bleed out slowly in our tribal huts with hate and fear of the “other”.


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