Rollins Band Live

I almost wrote a review of the new Jackson Browne today, which I love, but I felt I needed at least one more day of listening to do it justice.  I have also been listening to a lot of Rollins Band and Black Flag.  This is extremely aggressive music, but it is also really musical.  In both bands you have musicians that can flat out play.  I know that Henry Rollins is a controversial figure because of things he has said.  He has even said things that I deem really stupid at times.  But he has made a lot of really great music and, as I have said before, he seems intellectually honest and capable of change.  In Black Flag he was picked, but in his own band, when he has picked the musicians he has worked with, his taste has been impeccable.  The above is a live version of Tearing from, in my opinion, Rollins Band’s masterpiece, The End of Silence.


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