The Vatican Proposes Change On Its Views On Gays

Vatican Asks For People to be More Accepting of Gays

I usually scan the headlines of Huffington Post in the morning.  While there is a lot of bullshit at Huffpo, it is a good place to check briefly to see what is going on in the world on any given day.  I was shocked to see this morning that the Vatican is proposing a change in it’s view on gays.  While it is not changing its views on matrimony and other such issues, it is proposing changing it attitudes on including gay people in their community.  While some people may say that this is not going far enough, this is actually a huge change for such a slow moving conservative institution.  In the article an expert on the Vatican calls it an “earthquake”.  This is the kind of thing that gives one hope about the world.  Change may be slow and it may be the result of years of sacrifice, but it can happen.  The world can become a more just place.  For an institution that acted immorally under the last two popes, it seems that under Pope Francis it can be a force for good.  This is great news to wake up to.

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