Life’s Like That, Isn’t It?

Life’s Like That, Isn’t It by Larry Kirwan

I vaguely referenced this song in an earlier post.  I love this song.  Despite it saying Black 47 in the above video, this is actually the version from Larry Kirwan’s solo album.  (Kirwan is the lead singer of Black 47.)  I actually prefer the version on Black 47’s Elvis Murphy’s Green Suede Shoes, which has become my favorite album by the band.  Kirwan is a great writer both in song and in prose.  (They’re debut self titled album is definitely worth getting too.  It’s hard to pick between the two.  Home of the Brave, their third record, has a lot of great material on it, but is a bit overlong and a few clunkers on it.)  His biography Green Suede Shoes: An Irish American Odyssey, as I have mentioned before, is one of my favorite rock n roll biographies ever, as Kirwan knows his history as well as his music.  I wanted to reprint the lyrics, as they are really powerful, but I could not find them available anywhere.  You’ll just have to listen.


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