We Give Speed to Children and Don’t Allow Adults to Smoke Pot

“If you want to know how fucked up this country is, know that we give the best speed available to our children (adderall), and we don’t allow adults to smoke pot.” – Lewis Black  in Old Yeller* 

If you want a good laugh watch Lewis Black’s comedy special Old Yeller.  It starts a little bit slow but builds up steam as it goes along.  As usual, Black is spot on in his comic observations of American life.  I was thinking about how I have to go out canvassing this afternoon, after just getting back from the road yesterday, and I started thinking about how it would be nice if I had some speed, and therefor…

*This may be slightly paraphrased.  I searched the internet for awhile trying to find the quote, but I couldn’t.  There are some other blogs/websites that use this quote, but it didn’t look to me like they were accurate in what he actually said.  So I went as best I could from memory.  


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