Protecting Children and Bartertown


Often when someone is outraged about some kind of cultural issue, whether it be some kind of art that someone finds offensive, or gay marriage, or whatever, they often fall back on protecting the children.  If things keep going the way they are, I wonder what these people are protecting kids for.

Are they protecting them to live in a country that is constantly at war?  Are they protecting them so that they can grow up and live on a planet thats environment has been seriously degraded?  Are they protecting them so they can grow up and work constantly and never get ahead?

It seems like the people that often talk about protecting children are not protecting them from the very things that they should be worried about.  I call bullshit.

Let’s just say hypothetically, and I don’t believe this at all, that gay people were going to corrupt children.  Would it even matter much if these kids grew up to be adults that were economically oppressed in an environment that was toxic?  It seems like some people’s priorities, even if you look at things from their standpoint, are a little backwards.  Don’t hang an obscene painting on the wall, but it is okay if at some point they have to look out the window at skies that resemble Beijing.

But hey, it is there kids.  If they want to allow their kids to grow up and live in Bartertown, then I guess that is on them.


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