The Filth and the Fury and Fake Outrage


Just watched Julian Temple’s The Filth and the Fury.  It is a documentary about the Sex Pistols.  I felt it was well done.  Having just read both of John Lydon’s (Johnny Rotten) books, I felt that it got the gist of what he tried to communicate in Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs, which was his book on those times.  Obviously no film could get the detail of a book, but I thought most of the important points were hit.  The film was also excellently done from a visual standpoint.  It had great archival film of those times, mixed in with multimedia clips of different cartoons and movies.

Anyway, this isn’t a review of that film.  What was interesting was how many of the same types of people that opposed the Sex Pistols are still plaguing society today.  There is still the conservative religious types that would rather do anything than look at reality.  One of the things that gets lost a lot in all of the circus and myth of the Sex Pistols is how Johnny Rotten was really class conscious.  He really cared about those that were being oppressed economically.  Meanwhile you had the preachers, the conservative members of government, the business class, and what have you, that were on TV condemning the Sex Pistols.  Those people look really silly in hindsight, but there modern counterparts are still out there raising the flags of fake outrage.  Instead of being offended that certain people live in squalor, that young men and women are going to fight in wars of empire, that people can’t pay their rent, they will do their best to destroy anyone that shines a light upon the truth of the situation.  They’ll either do that or generate some fake outrage on some kind of cultural thing that is really just distracting people from what is really going on.  It’s the same cheap trick that is being done over and over again.  When will people learn?


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