These Are Their Top Priorities?

I don’t understand man!  The other day I saw an article where Mitch McConnell said his number one priority was to, “Get the EPA reined in.”  Article:

Mitch McConnell Says HIs Top Priority is to ‘Get the EPA Reined In’

Now today the headline over at Huffington Post is that the GOP is aiming for a showdown over immigration.

GOP On Immigration Reform

If you think of all the problems that face the American people, are these really the most important issues that need dealt with?  In an era where climate change is one of the main threats that we face, do we need less environmental regulation?  The world is overpopulated and is only going to get worse in upcoming decades.  Pretty much everyone will agree that the pollution in Beijing, a place where it is already ridiculously overpopulated with not enough environmental regulations, is unbearable.  The EPA thing is pretty easy to figure out.  These Republicans are bought lock, stock, and barrel by the fossil fuel industry.  I would assume that the immigration is them pandering to their xenophobic base.

So with all the problems in the world, two of the GOP’s top priorities are to deregulate an industry that needs more regulation and to pick on already the most vulnerable people within our midst.  (If you want an idea of the hell that immigrants already live in, then read Matt Taibbi’s The Great Divide.)  I am never ever going to agree with the Republicans on either issue, but aren’t there other things that would be more of more benefit to the American people?  Like if these were issues 9 and 10 on their agenda wouldn’t it at least be less transparent?

I asked the other day for one person to tell me a positive thing that the Republicans wanted to do for the American people, and I know a lot of Republicans, and not one person replied.  I’m still waiting.  The Republicans in power represent the interests of the already powerful.  I have seen nothing that makes me think any differently.


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