Yo Jesus, Where’s My PS4 At?

God helps you if you turn your face to him.  If you don’t you are lost.  Pray to God.  Amen
– Commenter 1

Yo Jesus where’s my PS4 at?
     – Commenter 2

While the above exchange on a message board did give me a small chuckle, I really get mad at myself whenever I find myself scrolling through comments on any website.  If you want to lose faith in the American public, just read website comments.  Occasionally there are intelligent discussions going on, but that seems to be the exception to the rule.

That’s why I don’t allow comments here without my approval.  I’m not trying to censor he thoughts of anyone that disagrees with me on anything.  In fact, if you write me something that is an intelligent rebuttal to something I’ve written, I will gladly approve it and post it.  I just don’t want this site to be another one where it is open season to insult people anonymously.

Earlier today I was checking Billboard’s website because I was curious what number the new AC/DC album came in at.  I know that Billboard doesn’t really matter, but I was curious to see how a rock band that has had success, that has just put out a great album, would do in this marketplace.  Somehow I clicked on a couple articles, and then I started reading comments, and then a half hour later I had to ask myself what the fuck I was doing.

I just had a really interesting conversation with my girlfriend about how technology is changing society.  She used to work in a restaurant and she noticed families of all kinds not only not speaking to each other, but taking longer to eat as they took time to take pictures of the food they were eating so that they could post it online.  She was also telling me about certain people she knows that hunt that text each other from their tree stands.  That kind of defeats the whole purpose of getting out in nature.

I have found myself sitting down to read, only to be scrolling through my phone without any conscious decision to do so.  I am as guilty as anyone of letting the hours slip away into meaningless behavior.  Look, I love technology.  I can take my entire record collection on the road with me when I go on tour.  However, there is definitely a dark side to it.  I know this subject has been touched upon before, by people that have spent ridiculously more time with it than I have.  I don’t feel bad mentioning it though because I think it’s just something that one has to constantly remind oneself of.  Even if it is just an hour before bed for reading, I think it is important to disconnect at certain times.  Take it off the grid.


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