Peaceful Protest is the Opposite of Violence: Someone Tell NY Police Union

NY Police Union Blames Mayor, Protestors For Cop Killings

I find it simply outrageous that police are blaming the New York City Mayor and the protestors for the recent killing of two police officers.  Eric Garner’s family had enough heart and courage to speak out against violence directed at the police, but these “professionals” don’t have the courage to look in the mirror.  All most of the people want that are outraged against Eric Garner’s murder is for their to be justice.  We want people to STOP dying.  We want violence to not be the norm in interactions between the police and citizens.  We don’t want citizens or police to die.  Violence should always, whether you are a cop or a citizen, be the LAST resort.

What we do need to see smashed to bits is this old boys network where the police back each other against everyone else no matter what their own do.  So by taking this stance they are again showing that many of them can not be trusted.  Peaceful protestors are not the ones that cause violence.  In fact, peaceful protest is the opposite of violence.

The police in this country have become increasingly militarized and separated from the people that they are sworn to protect.  Until they can become part of the community again, a security force that protects every member of the community equally before the law, they cannot be protested enough.  This is not the same as saying all cops are bad.  However, it is clear with recent events, if it wasn’t before, that the system that they are operating under needs serious changes.


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