God and Don Rickles


So let’s, for the sake of argument, agree right now that there is definitely a God.  Now let’s also agree that he created everything that ever was and ever will be.  He created all life and all mater.  He created everything from the stars in the sky to the lowliest microscopic life form on earth.  Are you going to tell me that an all powerful and all knowing supreme being, the kind of which we have just described, didn’t also create humor?

As an agnostic who doesn’t claim to have any secret information about what happens when we die, I don’t pretend to know if there is a God or an afterlife of any kind.  If I make a joke about religion, I don’t see how it can cause any harm except to the people that are too tight assed to laugh at themselves.  If there is a humorless spiteful Old Testament God, well then trust me, a few jokes aren’t going to save me from eternal hellfire.  If there is no God, then there is no hell and therefor nothing to worry about.

But again, if there is a God, can you tell me that He/She invented everything in the universe except humor?  Almost everyone loves Don Rickles.  People actually ask to be made fun of by him, as it is seen as an honor.  Do people have thicker skin or a better sense of humor than an all knowing and all powerful being?  Is God really such an egoist that he can’t take a couple jokes by a temporary being of mere flesh and blood?   Could God not handle the Don Rickles treatment?

The more you think about the God that seems to dictate the lives of fundamentalists, who really worship a God much closer to the vengeful humorless God of the Old Testament than the more loving one of the New, the more ridiculous and absurd it becomes.  And the absurd and the ridiculous are a great jumping off point for jokes.


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