Which Threats Are Real?

At the airport, waiting to fly to Steamboat for the MusicFest.  Every time I fly it feels like someone is taking a blowtorch to my brain.  Why do we willingly submit to so many infringements on our personal freedom?  No other country that I have been to in the last few years makes you take your shoes off, for one.   I know I have bitched about this before, but I wish I could beat it into people’s heads.  Take some risks.  Live a little.  Dont be afraid.  Having an accident on the way to the airport is much more likely than having a terrorist on your plane, yet Americans don’t seem to be clamoring for more public transportation.  

I was watching my dog go apeshit the other day while vacuuming.   I was thinking how the mind of a dog has not developed enough through evolution to understand technology.  She acts afraid of the vacuum, which is no threat to her, but chases two wheeled vehicles, which are.  Has the American mind not evolved enough to understand real threats? 


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