They Are Not Exactly Charlie

They Are Not Exactly Charlie

Matt Taibbi, truly getting better and better all of the time, on some of the backpedaling that has gone on in defense of free speech since the French attacks.    A really interesting article that I believe is correct in its assessment.  He spares no one on the right or the left that has gone soft on defending free speech out of either defense of religion or political correctness.


2 thoughts on “They Are Not Exactly Charlie

  1. you mean matt taibbi of the dishonored RS?

    Freedom of expression is incontestable. It needs no defense or explanation & those who would obstruct the freedom may be called any number of names, none of which improves on the fact that self-expression is a sacred right. But this sacred right is also nuanced. It is a right to be exercised with conscience. For every expression, there is an impression. In the case of Charlie Hebdo, I get the impression of an organization that is intolerant, crude, hateful: as backward as the backwardness it attempts to mock.

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