Obama, State of the Union, Thug Life

The internet can be an endless black hole of distraction.  I try, although I’m sure I fail at times, to post things that have some value, that will give you something to ponder over.  However, when I saw the above video during dinner I almost spit my drink out!

I watched the State of the Union earlier this evening on YouTube as I was busy last night.  It’s amazing that some of the things he discussed during his section on the economy are even up for debate.  Who are the scrooges that wouldn’t want childcare to be more affordable, for women to not make equal pay for equal work, and for minimum wage to not be raised?  These seem like such common sense proposals, ones that would help so many people who are struggling.  They seem to me like proposals based in common decency.

I was also greatly happy to see his stance on climate change.  Talk to scientists that actually study climate change.  The fact that it is here and that humans are contributing to it are indisputable.  If we don’t do something about it our generation will not be remembered fondly in the history books.

Watching the State of the Union I was reminded why I voted twice for Obama.  Although there have been policies that I have not agreed with, I still think we have been extremely lucky to have him at the helm during these very trying years.


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