The First Shoppable Super Bowl Halftime Show and Reality Made Virtual

I almost feel as if my soul is dying, commenting on Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show.  I feel compelled to because it felt like some strange new paradigm has been achieved.  I feel like we have finally crossed the threshold where human life is sometimes more meaningless than a video game, and sometimes video games have more at stake than real life.  That’s what it looked like to me, one big video game, where the only things missing were Japanese anime characters, Mario, and Luigi.  Which actually might have been trippy enough to hold my attention if there was anything akin to real human emotion at the core.  It was musical entertainment without the music.  It was reality virtual.

I realize that most pop music has ceased to be anything but a marketing tool for a long time, but this felt different.  (And not just because this was the first shoppable Super Bowl Halftime Show.)  If one can be skull fucked in a vacuum then, like the banner former President Bush once stood in front of, “mission accomplished!”


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