Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, and Watertown

Bob Dylan just released a collection of songs that Frank Sinatra sang called Shadows in the Night.  I haven’t gotten around to hearing it yet, but I will at some point.  The reviews so far have been fantastic.

It doesn’t seem strange to me that Dylan would play tribute to Sinatra, not only because he is known to be a fan, but because Sinatra tried to crossover into 60’s pop on the great album Watertown.  I believe I have mentioned this album before, as it is a fantastic piece of work.  The album was not commercially successful at the time, which is a shame. It is a concept album about a working class kind of guy whose wife leaves him.  It is a simple concept, but it is well done, as the album creates a mini-play in your imagination while you are listing to it.  Sinatra could obviously sing almost anything, and it is great to hear him tackle some 60’s pop melodies.  The above song, I Would Be in Love (Anyway) was just something I had to post.  When he hits the big notes in the chorus it is just one of those wonderful pop music moments where singer and song and perfectly matched.  If you like Sinatra or that kind of widescreen 60’s pop music, this album is definitely worth checking out.


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