Apple’s Plan For Music Subscription Service

The Next Episode: Apple’s plans for Beats-based music service revealed

Here is an article I was reading about Apple and their next step in music service.  Apparently they are developing a streaming service along with Beats, which they own.  The article hints at how the service will work, but it doesn’t feature any info on what this means for the music business at large. 

As a musician I am deeply suspicious of all streaming services thus far, as it doesn’t seem to be paying musicians fairly for their work.  However, I am trying to keep an open mind as these platforms develop.  Maybe at some point the tide will turn, though I have yet to see any proof of that.  This is not only based on worries for my own career and that of my friends and coworkers, but also for the music business at large.  Although I love seeing a great live show, I have always been a record guy.  Records can take a lot money to make, even with technological advancements.  If we want to keep seeing great ones made, people have to be willing to financially support artists.  It is true that there was a lot of decadence in the recording industry in the 60’s and 70’s, probably too much, but those years were also the pinnacle of music as artistic experience.  We can’t go back in time, things will never be the same, but perhaps there can be a model created where things are better than they are now. 


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