Giorgio By Moroder and the Commonality of Music

Was listening again to Daft Punk’s brilliant Random Access Memories earlier today.  The production and musicianship on this album are completely topnotch.  The piece Giorgio by Moroder is particularly jaw dropping.  It features narration by electronic music pioneer Giorgio Moroder.  However, the song is about music itself as much as anything.  The song features disco music, music that emulates Moroder, a symphonic breakdown, a drummer/DJ battle, jazzy keyboards, and more.  It reminds you how there really are no rules to music and that all styles have connections to each other.  The part with the drums and the DJ scratches is particularly inspiring as the drummer and the DJ match each other’s every syncopated move.  It’s the kind of thing that you could see making young fans of electronic music appreciate live musicians, and older fans that don’t like electronic music or hip hop see the talent that is evident in those forms.  It’s an extremely inclusive piece that I feel can’t help but bring people together if they are open to it.  The song never states it in any way, and the song is most definitely explicitly about music, but one can’t help draw the conclusion that in connecting the dots between music from various eras and genres, music that often has tribal implications, that it is also about shared aspects of the human experience.  One of those rare things that truly deserves to be called a tour de force.

P.S.  If you are in any way interested in rhythm sections (I am because I play bass among other reasons.), you simply must hear the drum section I mentioned above.  The rhythm section is killing it there!


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