The Heptones Sweet Talking

I’m a really big fan of reggae and rocksteady music.  One act that I was delighted to discover was a group known as The Heptones.  The Heptones are a vocal trio that sang beautiful harmonies that almost have a Beach Boys in Jamaica quality to them.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but some of their stuff reminds me of Pet Sounds, but with reggae and rocksteady grooves.  The above track is a great example of not only how beautiful their music could be, but also the liquid, imaginative arrangements that were often part of their early sound.  The Heptones compliation Sweet Talking is a great place to start, as it is outstanding from beginning to end.  Most of their songs are not as long as the one above, and adhere closer to pop song length.  However, the song above is one of those musical pieces that creates its own universe to get lost in.  It is a vivid kaleidoscope of sound.  There is something mysterious and spiritual about this combination of harmony and rhythm.  The compilation is as pretty as anything Jamaica ever produced, and that is saying something.


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