Scott Walker: F@&* Puppet of Industry


Wisconsin Right-to-Work Bill

Scott Walker, trying hard to prove that looks do indeed provide a window into the soul, is expected to sign a right-to-work bill that his republican cohorts approved in the Wisconsin Senate.  (If there was a picture next to the definition of douchebag it would have to be either Walker or Texas Senator Ted Cruz.  Look at their pictures and then tell me that I’m lying!)  Right-to-Work laws make it harder for unions to be effective.

What makes this particularly ominous is that this bill is based on model legislation by ALEC.  ALEC stands for the American Legislative Exchange Council.  Here is an article on that:

Introduces Word-for-Word ALEC Right-to-Work Bill

When it comes to ALEC, I actually do know what I’m talking about as I have have coauthored a book chapter that deals with ALEC with Abby Sandy.  I’m going to try to put this in the simplest terms possible.  What ALEC does is hold conferences that puts business leaders and lawmakers together.  During these conferences there is model legislation written.  Keep in mind that this model legislation is written with the heads of industry exorcising a huge influence over the proceedings.  The lawmakers then go back to their respective statehouses and pass real legislation with the same language as the model legislation that they wrote previously alongside those in industry.  This does away with the need for lobbying, because the legislators already know from the model legislation what needs to be put into the legislation to make industry happy.  This is not against the law, but it is highly undemocratic as those in industry have a much larger voice than the average voter.

Scott Walker is a fuck puppet of industry.  I’d like to put it in a more civilized manner, but when you pay attention to what him and his kind are doing to the American worker, certain synapses fire beyond one’s control.


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