Clinton Email Scandal

This whole Hillary Clinton email scandal seems ridiculously stupid.  The latest much to do about nothing.  Look, I would prefer if Elizabeth Warren was the candidate.  Although I’d vote for Clinton in a heartbeat over the Republican’s mutant pack, I’m not itching for there to be another Clinton in the Whitehouse.  If you read history you realize that Bill Clinton, though the economy was decent while he was in office, did many things that contributed to the weakening of the American worker over the longterm.  Perhaps HRC would be better, but the policies of the Clinton years were a mixed bag.  That being said, at least the Clintons actually want to govern instead of implementing a bunch of ideology driven policies that are already proven failures.

But anyway, I have yet to read anything about the Clinton emails that seems anything other than a controversy created to try to discredit her in the mainstream press.  It is heat without light, a distraction, to bring her low, while preventing us on focusing on Republican policies that are only going to benefit the extremely wealthy.  Keep your eyes on the ball…


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