Ceremony by New Order

I have always loved New Order.  And, however much he seems like a hard person to work with, I have always loved Peter Hook’s bass playing.  He plays the instrument almost more like a guitar at times.  He often takes leads, plays with effects on it (especially chorus), and creates the kind of highly melodic hooks that are reserved for guitar and keyboards in other bands.  However, despite all this he seems like someone that always plays for the song, that always adds that perfect emotion that the song needs.  Even if he is playing a lead or taking a main hook, it seems to be complimentary and not showy.  There are many people that played like him since, but he is a true original.  Ceremony is a great example of his playing and also simply a great piece of music.  It does the happy/sad thing that New Order are so great at.  It is joy and sorror, it is that unexplainable thing, the thing words often fail, that we call emotion, created in sound.


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