Sunday Thoughts…

I need to go canvassing for a political group in a little, so posting will be slow today, at least until tonight.  Overall it has been a good weekend.  The Shinyribs band had an extremely fun gig at the Cottonwood in Houston, Texas.  I saw the excellent film Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter last night.  Although I might not catch it till tomorrow, I am really looking forward to The Walking Dead season finale that premiers tonight.  (I don’t have cable.)  I am enjoying the new Cribs record, For All My Sisters, that just came out.  I also have been diving deeper into catalog of the band The Cure.  Most casual listeners probably have a view of The Cure that is crystalized by their late 80’s and early 90’s singles, but their catalog is really diverse and experimental, while somehow always maintaining an identity.  I unfortunately haven’t had much time for reading this weekend unfortunately, but so it goes.  I am working on A Feast of Snakes by Harry Crews and Dante’s The Inferno.

Although the world can sometimes squeeze my skull, especially the latest antics by the batshit insane modern Republican Party, overall there is an endlessly fascinating amount of things to dive into.  My work week is kind of backwards from most people, as I usually am working when most others are relaxing.  If you are having a lazy Sunday, even if you have completely different tastes than me, have fun exploring…

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