The Cribs w/ Johnny Marr – Cheat On Me On Jools Holland

I mentioned that I have been listening to The Cribs lately as I really like their new album For All My Sisters.  The album that they put out with Johnny Marr, Ignore the Ignorance, is one of my favorite guitar records of recent times.  I really love two guitar albums where the guitars are panned really hard in the right and left speaker like on AC/DC albums.  Although there are other overdubs and parts, a great deal of that album is like that.  The Jarman brothers’ singing is often a little pitchy live, but hey, at least you know they are really singing.  Plus, I’d rather hear singing like theirs than the cruise ship singing that goes on during most of these bogus singing competitions that take place on TV.  Jools Holland’s show is probably the best place to see live music on TV, period.   I wanted to give those of you that come here regularly some music to take in before I fade out for the night.  I must rise at dawn tomorrow.  Thanks as always for stopping by…


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