What the Police Said Before the Walter Scott Video

What the Police Said Before the Walter Scott Video

The above link is to a Think Progress article about what the police said in South Carolina before the Walter Scott video was released.  I think this is really important, because it sounds like so many statements the police have made, about cases which we have heard before.  Anyone can watch the video of Walter Scott’s shooting and know something is horribly wrong.  (An unarmed man was shot in the back and died.  If you don’t think that is wrong, there is something else going on in your judgment of the situation.)  I have talked before about how more people were killed in the U.S. by police in March than in England since 1900.  When you see anger in places like Ferguson, it is because of things like this.  Again, I don’t think you can just blame the police for situations like this.  There is a whole list of historical and cultural factors involved here.  Hopefully though, this video will be our dogs on the bridge moment, which was when violence against protestors in Selma woke Americans up to the cruelty of segregation, the moment when the majority of America can no longer ignore what is being done in its name.


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