Definitive Apple Watch Review

Apple Watch Review

I’m still cursing Apple for doing away with the iPod Classic, which for a music lover that travels constantly remains the best device for taking your music library with you.  (I’m not completely against streaming, but until it pays musicians a fair rate, I refuse.  I also don’t want to have to rely on something that needs an internet connection.  You think the world is high tech until you travel a lot.  Then you are aware of just how many places don’t have service.  I was in the Florida panhandle on tour and my girlfriend was working in Orlando.  I couldn’t even get basic phone or text service most of the time, let alone internet.)  I have never owned an iPhone.  I do really love my Apple computer though.  These aren’t pronouncements of shame or pride, just facts.  However, anyone interested in the latest Apple device will be well served by the above article.  It is an extremely in depth review, with plenty of demonstrative pics and graphics, by someone who wore the new watch for a week.  I personally can’t imagine wearing one anytime soon, but to each their own.


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