Where the Time Goes…

My writing output has been a little slow as of late.  I feel that I owe all of you that keep coming back an explanation.  (Especially any of you that may use this blog as one of many diversions from your work day.  I’ve been there!)  The Shinyribs band has been quite busy in recent weeks.  (Our new album Okra Candy has just been released!)  On top of that I have been trying to write material for solo record this year.  I have enough material by now, but I’m always hoping something extra special will come down the line.  Then there are just an always expanding amount of everyday matters to attend to.  I have finally reached a point where I wish there were more hours than there are in each day.  I realize this is not unique, but typical conundrum of the modern world, no matter what your field.

I have finally found myself with a few days off.  Although I’m sometimes guilty of it, I don’t like to write unless I feel that I have some new idea or topic to share.  I can’t stand being around people that seem to talk just to make sound.  As well as needing a little R&R, I want to dive into some different forms of news, art, and entertainment to replenish the well.  Full steam ahead, shortly…



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