Frankenstein, Voltaire, and Time Warping

I just finished reading Frankenstein.  It has remained a classic for good reason.  There is not much I feel I can add to that.  However, I can’t stop being in disbelief that it was written by a 19 year old, especially a 19 year old woman in a time when woman were often treated as second class citizens.

The last book I read was Voltaire’s Candide, which was written in the 1700’s.  It’s like if George Carlin and Kurt Vonnegut wrote a book together.  Their work is still freaking out people now, one can imagine what those in Voltaire’s time period thought.

The thing is, history is not a constant march forward.  Maybe as a whole the world progresses.  But there are many places and pockets where things are moving forward and backwards all of the time.  Some places in our country are still in the 1950’s culturally.  Some people in third world countries live like the industrial revolution never took place.  (Check out these pictures from Mongolia, they will blow your mind!)  I think so many of the worlds problems come from different places, existing in almost different time periods, rubbing up against each other.  When the past and the present collide, things are bound to go sideways.

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