Public Image Ltd. – Careering

I flat out know some people will hate the above song due to its discordant nature.  I understand that impulse and am not here to judge.  However, I simply love Public Image Ltd. and the above piece, Careering.  This music is so ahead of its time.  Things Radiohead were celebrated for years later were already done here.  (And that’s not to say John Lydon and gang weren’t taking things from other places as well.  There is no doubt Jamaican dub influenced the above proceedings.)  But taken outside of its place and time why do I like the above music, music that is no doubt angular, harsh, and malicious sounding?  It’s because it is really creative.  If you look at music like painting, this is people painting with sound in a way that is really interesting.  If your average pop song is a landscape painting, this is some kind of bizarre fucked up abstract painting. This is the aural version of Picasso’s Guernica.  Try to look at music not only for the emotions that something creates, but also for the texture of it.  And it’s not as if this is something anyone could do.  Jah Wobble is laying down a super thick bassline.  Keith Leven’s sonic madness may be chaotic, but it is also controlled chaos.  Lydon’s lyrics, and I have listened to them quite a bit, are interpretive poetry.  At some point I read what he meant them to be about, but I have forgotten.  Facism, rainy grey industrial landscapes, office drones, and other images and interpretations come to mind.  In its own way this is beautiful stuff, due to how vivid a composition this is, if you really pay attention.

I apologize to those of you that subscribe.  Some of you got a version that was unfinished due to hitting the send button prematurely.  


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