Windup Wire – Reflections on Art, Justice, and Meaning in Our Time

The title of this blog is taken from two different sources.  The first is Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles.  In this novel Murakami’s writing ranges from extreme realism to complete flights of fancy.  I believe good writing can and should go anywhere that the imagination will allow.  Sometimes fiction can shed more light on the truth than non-fiction.  The other reference is from a machine called the Xerox Telecopier that Hunter Thompson called the Mojo Wire.  I have always loved Thompson’s sense of the absurdity that exists in these United States.  I hope to provide a different viewpoint of the cultural ocean that we are all swimming in.  I will do this by examining politics, flim, literature, art, music, and sports.  Sometimes I will fail, but I will always try…

I wanted to add a little about myself for those of you that might be curious.  I am in my mid 30’s.  I grew up in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, but now live in Austin, Texas.  Growing up I had a pretty typical small town life.  I played sports in high school though I was a pretty average athlete.  I am currently making my living as a professional musician.  I am in the bands Shinyribs and No Show Ponies.  I have a degree in American Studies from Penn State University. If you don’t know what American Studies is, I like to say that it is somewhat like a History degree that also studies film and literature.  I actually was a History Major at West Virginia University for a couple years.  I am currently an Environmental Science and Policy Major at St. Edward’s University, though I took the last semester off because my gig schedule got too hectic.   I have volunteered for environmental and political organizations in the past.  I just picked up a part time gig working for a political organization when I am not playing to make a little extra cash and because politics is another interest of mine.  This year I will have my first peer reviewed chapter in an environmental book based on a speech I gave at an international environmental conference in Costa Rica last year.  My perfect day off is doing something outdoors in the daytime and reading or watching films at night.  I am an obsessive music collector.  That’s about all I can think of.  Those are the highlights, but they don’t really describe a life do they?  Many more days  than should have, have been squandered along the way.  As Morrissey once sang, “Oh the squalor of the mind…”  

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