Greg Abbot: End City Bans On Bags, Fracking, Tree Cutting

Greg Abbot: End City Bans On Bags, Fracking, Tree Cutting

When Texas elected Greg Abbot to the position of Governor, I knew we were in for more years of stupidity, so here we go…

Greg Abbot says he wants to end local city laws that ban plastic bags, fracking, and tree cutting, because he wants to protect the rights of private property owners.  How banning plastic bags, in particular, violates property owners is mind boggling.  Basically he wants to stop anything that might be beneficial environmentally because he is bought and paid for by energy companies that are against regulations of any kind.

How come conservatives say they believe in things like States Rights, but then want to prevent communities from exercising self government?  If you follow what the modern far right believes, you won’t find any consistency, other than doing whatever their large corporate donors tell them to.