John T. Floore Country Store, Dischord Records, the New Terminator

Been on the road this weekend, a short run through Port Aransas and Helotes.  We’re at Floore’s Country Store in the latter tonight.  Will be back on the grid tomorrow.  A few thoughts:

Anyone that is a fan of Dischord Records more famous bands, Fugazi, Minor Threat, Rites of Spring, should check out the sole albums by Embrace and One Last Wish.  Both albums feature a really great guitar player named Michael Hampton.   Future Fugazi singers, Ian MacKaye and Guy Picciotto,  front Embrace and One Last Wish respectively.  Brendan Canty, of Fugazi and Rites of Spring, also plays drums in One Last Wish.  Both bands seem to bridge the gap between the early D.C. scene and Fugazi’s more experimental direction.  They are more melodic than either Rites of Spring (Picciotto’s first band) or Minor Threat (MacKaye’s popular earlier band), with more twists and turns, but also are faster in tempo and more straightforward than Fugazi.  Because all of these bands were on Dischord Records and were recorded by Don Zientara, who did a lot of the Dischord stuff, the records sound like natural predecessors to Fugazi.  New ground is being broken, but the final break with the earlier sound of the early 80’s D.C hadn’t been severed in the way that Fugazi would go on to do.  And I must mention in closing that if you love guitar playing that is equal parts melodic and angular, the work here by Michael Hampton, who I have never seen anywhere else, is really worth taking in.

The new Terminator movie is not worth seeing.  The plot is horrible and the PG-13 rating ensures that the movie is not even filled with enough B-movie thrills to make it bad in a good way.  It seems like the kind of film created by a marketing company, failing to take in the fact real people would be seeing it.  As an 80’s kid, I love all of the old Schwarzenegger stuff, so I was even hoping to like the film.  However, I came in with low expectations,  and I still left feeling I could write a better script after a night of heavy drinking.

From the green room of Floore’s Country Store,  that’s all for now…